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Hydro-Air System

The Best of All Worlds

The hydro-air heating system combines the benefits of both forced hot air and circulating hot water home heating systems. Moist air is less drying on skin and hair. With a boiler as its heat source, the hydro-air system can produce domestic hot water. Like a forced hot air system, both warm and cool air can be delivered to each room via air ductwork. It remains the most versatile and luxurious indoor comfort system available today.

Hydro-air features include:

  • Circulating warm air
  • Air conditioning
  • Air cleaning
  • Fresh air recovery ventilation
  • Humidification
  • Domestic hot water (lots of it!)
  • Baseboard radiators
  • Multi-zoned fan coils for heating & cooling
  • Radiant heating for floors, towel racks and sun rooms
  • Driveway snow melting
  • Unit heaters for garages & auxiliary buildings
  • Flexible installations for large houses
  • Versatility to meet all comfort needs
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