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The Icynene™ Insulation System

The Icynene™ Insulation System is a state-of-the-art, open cell soft foam insulation that is sprayed into walls, floors and ceilings expanding to 100 times it's volume. Sprayed on as a liquid, it expands in seconds to create a superior insulation and air barrier. No more air leakage or energy robbing drafts to worry about. Every nook and cranny, electrical box, duct and exterior penetration is effortlessly sealed. Icynene adheres to everything - so whether you plan to build with wood or metal, The Icynene™ Insulation System will deliver performance you can count on.

Energy Efficiency
After decades of study and experimentation building scientists have concluded that air tight, mechanically ventilated homes are the best way to achieve maximum energy efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality. But making a home air tight is labor intensive. The Icynene™ Insulation System takes the labor out of tightening a home, making it very easy for builders to offer energy efficiency and air quality.

Replaces Six Materials
Icynene™ foam insulation provides its own air infiltration protection and moisture control. Unlike common insulation materials, it does not need the protection of polyethylene vapor retarder, building wraps, air tight electrical fittings, stickytape or cases of caulking and cans of foam. It requires no labor intensive work or detailed supervision. With The Icynene™ Insulation System the responsibility for all these functions shifts from the many trades involved to the material itself in a single application.

Maximum Thermal Resistance
The labeling of insulation lists maximum R-values not minimum installed value. The maximum thermal resistance of insulation is measured under ideal conditions in a lab. The Icynene Insulation System is not installation dependent. It suffers from netiher gaps, air infiltration not air movement, so its maximum andminimum R-values are virtually the same. The performance of fiber glass insulation material in the walls of a house, is reduced by small gaps, air infiltration and air circulation by convection. There can be a difference of as much as 50% or more between maximum rated R-value and minimum installed R-value.

Controls Air Infiltration
The Icynene™ Insulation System dramatically reduces air infiltration by stealing the thousands of small openings which, in an average home, can add up to an opening as large as the size of a medium sized window. With The Icynene™ Insulation System there are no small air pockets in corners or poor fit around wiring and electrical boxes to allow convective air movement. Air cannot bypass it or pass through it.

Perfect Fit
The Icynene™ Insulation System fits virtually perfectly. The Icynene™ Insulation System isn't made in a factory and then stuffed, cut, tucked, stretched and squeezed to fit. It is made on the spot through a reaction which causes liquid ingredients to expand into every corner, wrap around every obstruction, and adhere to everything it touches. It turns the wall into a monolithic assembly. The product does the work of fitting and sealing without relying on the applicator's skill and dedication because it expands one hundred times its initial volume. Its performance in the walls of a house is essentially the same as the maximum measured in a lab.

Water Repellant
The Icynene™ Insulation System is hydrophobic so does not like water and won't wick. While it's open cells will allow moisture to escape from wall cavities, it's superior air barrier properties effectively protect against moist air entering a cavity and condensing. Other insulations, like cellulose and fiber glass, require protection from moisture with a vapor barrier. Only in the most extreme cold climates is additional vapor protection recommended with The Icynene™ Insulation System and only then a vapor barrier paint primer instead of an ordinary paint primer is all that is recommended.

The Icynene™ Insulation System foam is inert and will not biodegrade. It does not shrink, sag, settle, slip, turn to dust or decline in
R-value. It offers no food value to bacteria, fungus, termites, carpenter ants, or rodents.

Enviromentally Friendly
The Icynene™ Insulation System is made through a reaction with water that produces carbon dioxide. The reaction forms millions of tiny open cells which contain nothing but air. The Icynene™ Insulation System has no man-made CFC or HCFC gas to harm the enviroment and it's R-value does not decline with time. It contains no formaldehyde and has no harmful emissions. The Icynene™ Insulation System is a modified urethane. It is chemically related to pillow or mattress foam.

Air Quality
Controlling air quality in a home requires that you first restrict random air leakage from the outside and then replace it with a controlled, filtered air intake and stale air exhaust. The Icynene™ Insulation System's excellent air sealing capabilities make it very easy to restrict random leakage, so that mechanical ventilation or heat recovery systems can be employed to advantage.

Blower Door Tests Made Easy
Builders who find a blower door test a threatening experience love The Icynene™ Insulation System. Give your Icynene™ contractor the mandate and he will take full responsibility for ensuring the house meets the level of airtightness you require, with no additional materials. If you want to obtain a rating with under 1.5 ach @ 50 pa (0.1 Nat. ach), The Icynene™ Insulation System can deliver it. It is so effective, the test can be performed even before you install gypsum board.

Easy Installation
The Icynene™ Insulation System is installed by certified contractors using specialized equipment. It can be installed even in the coldest or hottest weather. It can be installed on damp surfaces. It is cured instantly and can be covered immediately.

For more detailed information visit: Icynene™, Inc. or Anderson Insulation.

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